A revolution of simplicity

I came across something today, that promises to change how I develop software moving forward.  Its not every day that you experience something like this.  The particular problem that I was looking into was for how to manage data collection and data quality reporting for a data management entity.  Having solved some problems for them with a different set of technologies (.Net and workflow technology), I was interested in what was the current state in the art (I had developed the core concepts of the solution over a year ago).  A technology of interest last year was Xforms.  There were several problems with using that last year.  Today many of those problems have disappeared so its viability is more promising.  However, while researching this I came across something much more consequential:  XRX:

Forms on the client
REST interfaces
and XQuery on the server

Stayed tuned to this space, but, I am expecting to add this concept to my toolset.  Meanwhile please review the manifesto of sorts:  XRX