Tomcat 6 and Ubuntu apt-get

I understand the philosophy behind package managers.  It is a major reason I use Ubuntu over say Gentoo.  However, just because I choose to use a package installer does not mean I get an application installation that is mangled.  I suspect there is something wrong with the tomcat6 deb installation that is preventing me from using a particular war. 

1.)  How the hell do I enable logging?  Why do I have to go through several web pages to figure out how to do something so basic in a system?  Why does the tomcat6 manager not have a link to the logs?  Who cares about JLUI and Java.Logging differences.  All I want is a simple log file that I can open up in a text editor and refresh when new entries get created.  Why do I have to go through var/log and syslog to see tomcat debug messages.  Tomcat6 logging is ridiculous.

2.)  Why does a broken deb result in you not being able to install any other deb on your system?  I had to manually delete entries in apt-gets database.  This was not fun or pleasant and they could have easily included that functionality in synaptic.

3.)  Why is this easier to install on a Windows XP box than a fresh Ubuntu install?  Iv’e been a linux user since the early days of Slackware and back then open source software was not easier to install in Linux than windows.  This is a new development for me.