I am a software engineer who over the past few years has been working with customers who are using the cloud to solve problems. I live in the suburbs of Philadephia with my wife triplet girls and 6 chickens. I couldn’t ask for more of a beautiful home. My wife and I really enjoy the open space and the opportunity to interact with nature in peace and quiet. Our girls love the large space to run around and play in. The chickens don’t talk too much, but, they seem to love it here.


I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful education that has prepared me well. I had attended St Jago High School in Jamica, but, didn’t complete there as I migrated to the United States. I attended the amazing Sligo Adventist Elementary School in Takoma Park Maryland. I also attended Gaithersburg High School in Gaithersburg Maryland. My undergraduate degree in Computer Science was attained from the University of Maryland College Park. I pursued, but, did not complete a graduate degree from Howard University. I feel overall I have been blessed by so many wonderful educational opportunities and it encourages me to work hard so that I reflect the training I received.