Windows Workflow for the rest of us

First off, get a good book. Workflow is too encompassing for you to pick up in a tutorial. Forget about learning it all in a weekend. Pick up a good book written by one of the original WF developers. My first choice was Essential Workflow by Shukla and Schmidt. More of a developer reference than anything else. There are other books for other users, but, you definitely need a book. Second, go ahead and move to Vista and Visual Studio 2008. Sure, you can do WF development in 2005 and XP, but, thats like desiging a Formula one race track when you have only driven Yugos: You can imagine what it feels like and if you have an excellent knowledge of race track design you can pull it off, but, for mere mortals its going to suck. Third, there is plenty of MS documentation on the MSDN site, but, you could just ignore all that and proceed to write some terrible implementations. Forth, the killer app for me of the moment is designing workflows using a Domain Specific Language. Fifth, profit.