Thank you Mr. Musk

As a human alive on earth at the beginning of the 21st century I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for what you have been able to accomplish, because it has done so much to give humanity a fighting chance and to give a push to others to think of the future.  Your two companies, Tesla and Solar City are going to change humanity for the better.  Its not easy to do what you have done and as a failed entrepreneur I don’t even understand the basics of how you have done it, but, I recognize it for what it is:  akin to human evolution.

Before Tesla the idea of a main stream electric car was a footnote.  Most of of us are aware that cars were originally Electric, Steam and alternate powered and it was the oil interests who latched on to the internal combustion engine for dear life for the last 100+ years.  However, that hold was always tenuous at best and fraught with dangers for the species.  We are only now recovering for the crime wave brought on my leaded gasoline (and it is definitely a part of the chaos across the world where it is still available).  We are slowly rebuilding our public transportation system.  Shifting to electric cars is a small part of the energy picture, but, it had the effect of opening us up to the next big step: off the grid.

The massive, error prone electrical grid was another monopoly that was forced upon us to our detriment.  However, you are now showing us the way forward.  The combination of solar power and long term battery storage is going to end the municipal power industry (if hackers don’t do that first).

Thank you Mr. Tesla.  Thank you for not only showing us the way, but, also giving us a swift kick forward.  I can’t wait for what else you are working on and I look forward to all others who follow you.