Change makers

In the pursuit of anything noble the only true success is when things are done that remain true to the visions of the leaders.  Watered down and compromised actions offer little benefit to those who are looking for a change.  It is better to do nothing than to do just a little.  At least if a need is still there a future leader with stronger conviction will be able to do something about it.  In a lot of the arguments you hear when there is weak leadership a common theme is a lack of conviction.  If you don’t truly believe in the change you want to achieve then don’t bother attempting it.  An important corollary to this is that you must seek out things that have been successful for other leaders in order to guide you on your path.  No two good solutions will be exactly alike, however, there is much inspiration in seeing how others deal with slings and arrows. 
True change comes from those who stand up with conviction in what they believe in and do something that improves life for other people.  Everything else is side show and not worthy of dedicating a life to.  I have never seen a true change maker have it easy and not face stiff opposition.  I have also seen many with weak kneed conviction crumple before even timid stresses.  I encourage all who want to change things to stand firm and make their cases heard in simple language.  Otherwise don’t waste our time with foolishness.

Shoutcast, flixster, maps, Shop Savvy on my phone

Thats it, the tmobile G1 is officially awesome.  Not the best phone out there, but, Android is a killer app imho.  Open Source Phone Stack.  Its going to lay waste to all other Phone OSes.  All other manufacturers should immediately open source their phone os or face the consequences of the open source revolution being brought to the masses.  I would write more, but, I am streaming BassDrive…