Abandoned Yahoo Mail

Its been real, but, I am deprecating my usage of yahoo mail.  The nail in the coffin for me is the continued deterioration of support for my Android phone.  I can tell that Yahoo is trying to get Android users to not use their email client.  No access on Wifi and problems connecting on Tmobile.  They want us to get the picture:  Yahoo doesn’t want us to use a Google device to access their products.  That’s fine except I can’t think of a convincing reason to stick with Yahoo rather than switch to Gmail:
1.  Attachments are easier in gmail and can be larger
2.  Support for my cellphone is non issue.
3.  Gmail has a much cleaner interface.
4.  Integration with Google docs is nice (that’s right, I don’t have to worry about porting my documents from Yahoo docs do I?*

All in all, I thank Yahoo for making this switch so easy for me.  By providing a service that was only marginally better than hotmail it had encouraged me to switch, but, now that they are pushing me away I know to leave before the door hits my ass on the way out.

In the future, email me at my gmail address.

*there is no such thing.