Switching Blog Platforms

Long story short, I had been paying way too much for my blogging site and getting less performance than I could for the money.  I had been running my server for a few years using a VPS Windows server.  A Windows Server with 512 MB of memory is a very different animal from a Linux Server with 512 MB of memory.  Of course I am paying less than half per month for my new server and I am getting 6 times the requests per second.  Its not even fair to compare a Windows web server to a Linux one in this scenario.  IMHO there is no good reason why Windows VPS servers cost about $50-$60 per month.

The good news is that there are plenty of Linux VPS vendors that offer very good hardware for lower prices that can host a much higher performance site than I can get from a Windows Server.  I am very happy to be a WordPress customer.