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Why your isp sucks

While working on thesis first post   Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Subtext is a nice little project The wysiwyg kinda sucks though. I guess they want you to use IE to use this.  No way thats gonna happen.

Anyways, had to install SQL Server Express Advanced Services.  That is some nice software.  Like everyone expects MS is forced to go more and more open source/free with everything.  If I can get Mysql for free, I should definetly be able to get a version of MS SQL for free. 

I can’t stand these old things that people are used to using forever, but, never look into why and how. connection strings is an example of that.  Rather than fix the inconsistencies, MS prefers to make them dumber and dumber for each release.

At some point I am going to take a good look at boo (especially if I use it for my views for monorail).   Dudes write up on his site sounds like an old fashioned communist manifesto:)